Friday, November 13, 2015

Long time no see!

Its been a long time since I posted here. 

This morning I had a visit from Photographer Margie Bender who took this Studio panorama shot which I do rather like. Often when people visit the studio and its been a busy time I feel like I have to clean up first. Neither the studio nor myself were particularly well groomed but I like how it worked out... and looks a hell of a lot more organised than it feels.

Friday November 13th 2015 ... 

I started this blog in winter 2009 ... and I didn't really have a studio when I started, had been very ill & was  just getting things going again. So its great to be in a whole different phase where much has taken shape... although it must be said in 2009 it was easier to sell paintings, the economy in Australia hadn't fallen over from the GFC, global ecological disasters and Climate Change were less dominant in the general public's psyche even though many knew then that ignoring it was at our great peril. 

I spend more time on the Homage to the Seed page at Facebook and Instagram these days. So if you wonder what I am up to find me there... Homage to the Seed is alive and well.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Studio Workshops at SeedArtLab Studio in Brisbane Northside.

Upcoming Workshop:
 S E E D S  T H R O U G H  A N  A R T I S T S  L E N S
SeedArtLab Studio workshops:

h: 07 3359 6849
m: 0430 599 344
Meemar St, Chermside, 
Brisbane 4032  (near Inga St)

$115 per day including most art materials needed and light refreshments, tea, coffee, fruit!

$125 if you choose to have lunch provided as well. 
NB: Please be sure book & pay for the simple, fresh lunch.
NB: STUDENTS & UNWAGED ask about concessions! 
9.30am meet & chat over tea/coffee.
By 10am we’ll be getting stuck in. 
Lunch is 12.30-ish & we’ll be working through till 
4 to 4.30 for those who like to wind down slowly. 

Most art materials needed will be provided with you fee

Do bring a journal or sketch book, any favourite art materials you love to use like coloured pencils, mixed media, watercolours ... and if you want to use high quality paper let me know ahead of time so you can purchase something here if you would find that easier than getting to an art shop. Allow $5 or more if you want to buy quality watercolour paper which is optional. As a teacher I like to show you what you can expect from different quality products but I have often been on a tight budget…. so no need to spend extra!  
Most of the work we do will be on various kinds of paper …  or in your Journal!


WEDNESDAY august 5 : Maybe full now… I need to check before taking any more on that date..

The Weekend Saturday 8 + Sunday 9 are available … 


any Wednesday or Weekend day during August are ideal for me.

What about other days?
At this stage its no problem to find other days of the week. Its super easy if you are bringing a friend or two.

Because I do promos on Instagram and Facebook what is occuring is people who live in other states are requesting workshops… so that means I'm creating numbers for a group in other places as well as having organisations book me to travel to them. 

Also I do Residency work out of Brisbane, mainly south of Sydney… so I dont run a permanent class each week at my studio. Instead I know what Month I am free... tell everyone... then create small groups to come for a day.

Its been absolutely fantastic doing this… great fun and we get to know each other easily working like that. 
Very relaxed and highly stimulating, fulfilling workshops seems to be the feedback.

Anyone wanting a particular date …. please suggest a date and I’ll put that out to others.

Studio workshops are small but have to the advantage of getting to see my Seed collection, Journals and paintings which are always around for inspiration here.

+ I’ve taught for over 3 decades in schools, Uni & Adult Education, in formal and alternative venues.

+ The starting point is always getting you oriented, making sure everyone relaxes, then entering into a kind of adventure where learning is absolutely enjoyable, one process after another is set up to get things rolling and by the time the afternoon sessions begin everyone is absolutely ready to get more focused on something you've particularly enjoyed discovering in the morning. 

+ I hover around but don’t intrude! I make suggestions that may extend ideas for you to explore and ofren others in the group will bounce off each other too, depending on the day. I like to do a few 'Show and tell’ interludes … there’s plenty in the studio to share and inspire. 

When weve confirmed dates you will then make the booking through this account:

Payment to:   Please text, phone or email re booking and paying by Direct Debit:

M: 0430 599 344 or Email  here.

I will send the details when days are confirmed ~ BSB:   Acct No:  NAB then confirm payment and send a reminder of what to bring.

Other events coming up:

I’ll be back At Plantbank, South West Sydney at the Australian Botanic Gardens doing another workshop mid September. Let me know if you'd like info on that. 

In the coming months there’s likely to be other regional workshop venues on the cards + a Melbourne workshop is looking very likely!  Stay tuned!

Please shoot me an email if you have questions!

Read a blog post with images of the Plantbank workshop held in May whilst on Residency at the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mt Annan in SW SYDNEY, NSW. 

I look forward to seeing you soon if you are in the region!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Homage to the Seed weblog . . .: CATCHING UP : FEBRUARY

Its been a very long time since I posted here.

As the Homage to the Seed Facebook page ,  Sophie Munns Twitter and Instagram/sophiemunns profiles have becomes busier blogging has receded from focus. Something I was reluctant to let happen but one can't keep all sites active that's for sure.

One thing in the works is the setting up of an online shop. I'm half-way there... so stay tuned if this is of interest. Of follow me t FB or Instagram for regular updates!

Ive just added a fresh post to the Homage to the Seed post which sums up the recent focus of work.

Click to read that post here:  homage to the seed weblog . . .: CATCHING UP : FEBRUARY

I'm still on the look out for fascinating Seed images and have been following new sites to keep up to date. Join the sites hyperlinked at the top of this post to follow.

Best wishes,

Friday, October 17, 2014

A current exhibition

Its been quite a time since I updated here at this Studio Archive blog so I am sharing a post just written for the Visual Eclectica Blog.

From late June to late August considerable hours were dedicated to painting three large works for a Textiles exhibition currently being held in the US, at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

During the painting phase I updated often on Instagram and FB page... and below are images of the works which have been professionally photographed and are now available as Limited Edition Archival prints. Enquiries here ... I'll add a link when formal online sales are organised.

 The show opened October 10th but a formal reception is being held Saturday week.. see here:

 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. 
 RSVP 617-876-2109 or 

Text from my website:

The series, approx, 1 m x 2 m, is painted in acrylic and pigmented ink on-stretched Linen, featuring frayed edges, and stitched with Irish linen thread. A May residency earlier this year (tab: 2014) at the Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan 's new seed research facility PLANTBANK presented a huge array of Australian species, seed collections and related material which was important fresh inspiration for this artwork in addition to the body of material on Seeds gathered over the last 5 years. 

The motifs in these works are abstractions of seed forms, drawn from pods, seed capsules, seeds themselves, and also in the case of the third work, from the motifs that the artist became familiar with many years ago when looking into the symbolic language of diverse ancient and indigenous cultures. A statement which puts this work in perspective can be read here.

'Antipodean Inheritance I'      1m x 2m

'Antipodean Inheritance II'     1m x 2m

'Homage to our common inheritance'      1m x 2m

This week I've spent on residency in Brisbane at Food Connect but I'll update that at my Homage to the Seed blog tonight. So check in soon.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Winter in the Studio !

The sun streams in and the studio is bathed in light!!

Summer is quite another matter ... if its extremely hot I decamp to the State Library or somewhere sure to be cool and catch up online, writing or researching. Late afternoon and night-time then become the crucial time to be busy in the studio which catches the breezes quite well.

Today studio photographs taken by wonderful Elizabeth Santillan were posted at her site: Walking among the Homes which profiles interiors in Brisbane, the city where I live!

These are the images she has posted although I am thrilled to say she will be dropping off a CD full of photos.  Given that artwork is never easy to capture, especially the sensuality and texture of materials used I am very happy with the way she has managed to shoot some of the paintings. Great angles and viewpoints refresh my jaded viewing given I am here most days and its easy not to notice the familiar.

Seed collections are dotted around the studio.

Small paintings from 2002 - 2003

This photo of an early 2014 painting above was what impressed me about Elizabeths images. The paint is a dusty subdued palette in a chalky acrylic which in real life can appeal to someone interested in this more raw aesthetic. My photos have not delivered the subtle colour or feel of this work so I was early certainly pleased with this result.

The fabric below the artwork is an old fabric that I must have bought 10 years ago... interestingly Ive been returning to those blues and browns a lot over the last couple of years. 

I've gone through so many colour phases in my work over the years. When living in Melbourne I often painting in a bright palette as if missing the north where I grew up and have since returned to.

Red oxide has crept in since 2010, blue frequently and various browns and blue blacks.

The Biodiversity Plate series really ran with blue, blue black and browns.

Then there are the works which play with colours reflective of the dark shaded Wet Tropics Rainforests of the north ... like this seed capsule cross-section motif of the Cheery Beech. 

In the midst of the dark greens of shadowy dense forests there is always the sudden burst of colour from berries, fruits and seed vessels scattered amongst the lively growth.

Texture and collaged fabric on these works have features often not noticed unless one looks closely.  the cropping is interesting... perhaps makes one more curious to see the work.

Tucked into the photos was one of the artist at work. Usually I present the artwork or spaces I'm working in but remain camera shy... at 56 the 'selfie' phenomenon looks fun but I can live without it.

I've been doing OPEN STUDIOS again lately on Thursdays...  Friday this week as I was out yesterday. Since launching Seed.Art.Lab last November I opened each Thursday til Xmas and had a many visitors which was fantastic after the months of house hunting for a place with an ideal studio.

When I returned from my May Residency at Plantbank in NSW I decided to hold OPEN STUDIO afternoons once a week again as requests to visit come in and its such a lovely tradition.

Midday to 5 or by appointment works well as I can keep working and that way I am not concerned it some weeks are really busy and some quiet. I'm inspired to do a simple clean up and that NEVER hurts. When there's a special Studio event I will advertise more widely whereas I currently use my Homage to the Seed Facebook Page and  Instagram site at the moment as the interaction and frequency of posts is very lively.

Ive been painting quite flat out since late May so have many images to download. I'm really missing time spent blogging but painting calls and bookings to teach and be involved in other projects  makes it sometimes necessary to streamline online interactions even though I do have misgivings considering the fine exchanges Ive had here over recent years.

Best wishes to all!


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