Friday, April 23, 2010

Homage to the Seed Exhibition at Noosaville

Exhibition opening April 17th.

More images to be added plus details about work Read more here.

IMG_0349 by stevenality.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Preparations for Noosa exhibition

Photographs of small works - (mostly) 10 x 10 cm square canvas boards with acrylic and ink.  I like to employ these small squares whilst playing around with ideas, colours, imagery and so on, The need to slowly muse over ideas and work things out becomes more fluent as a result of doing numerous such small works feeding directly into the process of painting the larger works. All these are seed forms, with a few cross sections of fruits showing seeds... otherwise they are from research on Australian seeds which has preoccupied me the past month in particular. Time spent in the seed lab is  both refreshing and highly stimulating - with the necessity of careful observation heightened whilst taking in the extraordinary diversity of plant life that produces such variation in capsules and seeds in all manner of distinctive ways.
The upcoming show will include some of these small works with medium to large works  as well - some  more abstracted than others.

Ideas seem to be multiplying with only a week  to go before the show goes up so this material will go  straight into further work on this theme over this residency year.

More images will be posted after the opening on April 17.

Information re the show is available at both other weblogs- links can be found at the top right hand sidebar on this blog.
Email : sophiemunns at iinet dot net dot au
Click on image to enlarge for full viewing.
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