Monday, February 25, 2013

the one constant...

Today the rain is pouring down and I hear floods are happening to the south. Where I grew up on a beautiful river valley we would remember the years often by the floods!

Then I never lived near flooding rivers... for decades it seemed. Having returned to the part of the country that is not so very far from  those childhood years... floods are once again more likely. I'm sitting contemplating what time to head to the Gallery today to slowly dismount the show and outside there is wind and rain in constant gusts! Rain is heavy out there!

Last night I found, after weeks of being so focused on the latest exhibition, I was starting to remember what's next. Moving house is looming large again. Suddenly caught in a bit of excitement I began to imagine my new home... straying far from the likely scenario. In part its simply because the range of domestic buildings in this city where I live are not so like my dream domestic environment ... and partly because when one dreams one does not need to fund one's desires.

So what does a girl do ... she starts a new tumblr blog... calls it when.we.are.home because everything else is taken and then spends a while clicking here and there to find some pics of appealing domesticity!

While picking templates she thinks...oh... I'll just give the neglected studio tumblr blog a facelift with a new template... so ...its looking far more spiffy indeed.

SO... now back to the real world I have to think about getting moving for the day... onwards... much to do!

Some pics from here and there!

No plans to live in a tent... too wet around here... but this looks appealing... from  tenuedenimes  

Dining room looking out to lush courtyard beyond.  Photos - Felix Forest, Production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

I adore this outlook from the dining area.

from: Shannon Fricke

liked this: from

And not to forget the fresh look at the studio tumblr... visit here!

(via Percolator Gallery Exhibition)
Exhibition shot

  FAIR FOOD FROM FIELD TO FORK THE BETTER FOOD PLAN The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is launching the next stage in the People’s Food Plan process at 10.00 am, 16th February at Sydney Town Hall. The People’s Food Plan pres (via People’s Food Plan Working Paper Launched) Artwork by Sophie Munns.
Recent involvement

Much more soon. Have a hundred things to tie up this week...but hope to be back visiting bloggy friends soon!


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