Sunday, February 3, 2013


Its been one of those hugely busy weekends at the computer. Mmmm.. so thought I'd be in the studio!
I'd planned to be there but if you decide to have a show then as I'm sure you know only too well, you have to take care of promo and tell people it's on.

Mail chimp is what I use for E-newsletter 'campaigns' ...  I drool over what some do with the templates ... like this and this one for missy higgins. Simple yet most appealling !!  All the while I plod along correcting and altering this and that. At a certain point I think ... "oh... I'm nearly there!' That's when I find spelling mistakes galore and ridiculous sentences that make no sense. Can I write a convoluted sentence? At the time of writing I see things quite differently. If I dont edit till its halfway decent then I am in danger of offending for sure!

Read the bulletin here:  News+Art Show invite: Feb@Paddington

The other thing you can do is pop over to the website... the home page reads like a blog with info about the upcoming events... including links to the presenter's networks and profiles. 

IMAGE: taken when mailing a small sample of Homage to the Seed postcards to the 300th visitor to the Homage to the Seed FACEBOOK PAGE. Eric Jackson 'LIKED' the page on behalf of The Gardens of Old Salem FB Page where he works in their horticultural Dept. So much history... they are doing a huge amount towards seed conservation at their Gardens in North Carolina

I've plonked links to other E-newsletters here... a sense of achievement seeing them together... and a nice little archive. Probably there are missing links and images... have yet to check back!

Email Campaign Archive

from Sophie Munns - Visual Artist

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