Wednesday, February 19, 2014

catching up!

February has had its slow moments... but that was more about starting to feel restless more than anything. Maybe the heat... it makes one feel with summer around why not be off on a holiday somewhere... not trying to keep in good humour on long hot days!

Daydreaming aside its been mostly a very productive time.

I've been taking shots on the iPhone... rarely using my other cameras at all now.

a studio view... Ive been framing small works of late!

I've been through various painting phases already this year in the studio ...

I've been playing around with this simple visual idea lately

On the weekend I moved onto some large canvases... 100 cm x 150 cm approx.

I spent time Saturday applying gesso... and almost 12 hours on Sunday working on under-painting each canvas in a certain colour palette ... to become immersed in the ideas I have for these works.

These are the three works by the end of the day... ready for the next stage of working into the canvases... pushing the ideas and paint around!

Summer begins to get to me as it goes on ... the heat and the lure of the water. I drove up the Bay (Moreton bay) on Sunday morning and decided I will return soon for a day... bringing supplies and settling under trees and really enjoying this place.

This pool was in the back area next to an art studio at a tropical Garden I visited nearby in Brisbane recently. Although this looks like watercolour it is a photo I took which has then been altered using a Watercolour App which I was really taken by tonight and have subsequently played around with quite a bit!

Heres are some recent seed photographs which have been snapped on the iPhone, then put through the watercolour app and on instagram to come up with these variations.

I began to see endless possibilities for many photos Ive taken... 

I liked these images of favourite chairs... above on the back verandah of the previous family home where I lived for 5 years till last August. Below is the back outdoor living space of the new home.

And to finish.... my favourite chair... in the studio! 

More news soon!

Best to all!
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