Friday, September 6, 2013

a studio day for painting... at last!

At the end of tonight I'd lay out some quick work on paper to photograph that came from today. 
It was simple work that was more about getting the feel of paint and brush again after months out of action.

I so enjoyed working the paint with a clean, dry brush so as to get a textured line. It was basic stuff today... and it took a bit of getting started! I knew it was important to begin without concern for what exactly I needed to be doing and any outcomes... it reminded me of practicing scales on the piano every day for years whilst learning piano... only more fun... simple exercises to get into the flow of working again!

Finding forms and getting the textured look happening 

Stripes... was interesting the instinctive choice of colour in this work!

Yesterday I did the third session with a group of 12, 13 yr old on Seeds and Biodiversity at Kelvin Grove Secondary School... part of a program involving visiting artists working with groups of students towards an exhibition. We started by discussing what the role of seeds is... and that lead to working on simple ideas and black on white paper. 

We played with the originals by reversing the black/white for maximum effect.

Now that I've broken the ice I'm sure that there will be ore activity to post here from time to time!

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