Friday, September 20, 2013

settling into studio life...

Its been a busy week which I wrote in part about here at Visual Eclectica blog and here at Homage to the Seed blog. Ive been sensing my brain firing up again as I go between meetings with various people,  online engagements and studio hours.

Its a good feeling even if its makes for feeling a bit scattered. I remind myself this is how getting going again feels... lots of chat, darting about and trying to sort which ideas deserve be brought to fruition and is of integrity and value!

Painting on paper is by far the best warm up!

thinking seeds ... millions of seeds!

A new micro project with a local seed collector and land-care steward Denise Rivers yesterday was food for thought. Took photos of Lomandra seeds she's saved as well as accompanying her to the creek where she has spent ten years working to rebuild species diversity restoring habitat for birds and animals.

More soon... back to the painting for now!

Liked this photo below put up on Instagram by Jo Cook whom I sent postcards to in Tasmania to say how much I liked her contribution to the FAIR FOOD WEEK Photo competition I recently helped judge. Jo is a freelance chef and Food Curator in Tasie who tweets her news here.

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