Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tanks Art Gallery, Cairns

THis image is taken outside Tanks Art Gallery, Cairns... looking inside to where my 'Homage to the Seed: In the Wet Tropics' show is ongoing till Nov 4th. The Gallery is open 7 days a week at the moment with three shows currently running. Jacqueline Scotcher and Robyn Glade Wright opened the week after my show and offer alternative rich explorations of the natural world making the combined showing thematically very compatible. Robyn's title Red-listed highlights crucially the story of Biodiversity loss in Far-North Qld.

The image comes from Gallery assistant Nelly Armstrong, who deftly orchestrated the much-commented-upon hanging of the 
show, backed up by wonderful trio Karen Thompson, currently an intern, Arian Edmunds also an intern, and the very experienced Tony Castles, Gallery assistant who was onsite to complete the hanging.

Gallery Curator, Chris Stannard was always in the background keeping everything moving in a most inspiring way, ideas man and problem solver that he is... excellent in his many roles. And special mention to Gio Funari, go-to man for practical support during the Residency. This is a superb team and I send them my grateful thanks!

Ive been posting news far more frequently at my Homage to the Seed Facebook Page as I've been waylaid somewhat from the usual blogging routine. However, a
 few days ago I wrote this blog post at Visual Eclectica about the return to Brisbane... it explains why things have really slowed! 

Its 5.30pm , Saturday and I am sitting outside the State Library of Qld in the cafe watching the rain come down and wondering how to get to my car given I didn't bring an umbrella. Until they close the cafe at 6pm I guess this is an ideal place to sit and type away. There's a fresh breeze blowing and I can just see the river. It's springtime here and the nearby Quandong trees will be loving this rainfall! Its one of my favourite precincts in Brisbane and I am planning to come back early tomorrow to work in one of the quiet nooks on the 3rd floor!

This image was taken for the Tanks Art Centre Facebook Page of the  view when you walk inside this fascinating Art Space. I will add further photos as I get them sorted.

Also from the Tanks FB Page:

Also from Tanks FB page:
I had great trouble photographing this one as its 4 metres long and extends around a corner. Glad the Tanks crew took this!

Same source:

From Same source:

And what better place could there be for an exhibition featuring rainforest fruits and seeds than this rainforest surrounds at the Cairns Botanic Gardens where the Tanks Art Centre is located.

Tanks FB Page:

I will find out who took the Photos for the Tanks Facebook page. Perhaps the wonderful Lisa who does promotions. WIll check the source!

More images soon. Closing time at this breezy cafe!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Working on the verandah...

One thing I expected during this Cairns Residency was rather hot weather and the likelihood of too many mosquitos to want to work outside. This weekend brought a light drizzle of rain in the mornings but setting up on the back verandah has been the perfect space with the big table, overhead fans and mozi-coils burning!

                       A watercolour book Ive been working in... using the lino-print materials.


My preference is often to work in journals till ready to work larger... especially when working with new materials or ideas.

A small square motif!

A new work below on unstretched linen.

Referencing an earlier work.

Using the lino pod-form to create the structure was an interesting approach.

It was a beautiful afternoon with just the radio for company.

I like this blue for a change of palette.

This piece is approx 140cm x 80 cm.

I'm reluctant to add more at this point although its more minimal than originally intended. I like the textural aspect of working with the lino on this linen.

The edge of the unframed work is stitched with a brown linen thread. It will be pinned to the wall for exhibiting!

I have a week of pretty intense painting in front of me now. Ive settled into a good working routine after two weeks. I had to learn not to push it and to be very open to what direction emerged.

Bye for now,

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