Monday, October 1, 2012

Working on the verandah...

One thing I expected during this Cairns Residency was rather hot weather and the likelihood of too many mosquitos to want to work outside. This weekend brought a light drizzle of rain in the mornings but setting up on the back verandah has been the perfect space with the big table, overhead fans and mozi-coils burning!

                       A watercolour book Ive been working in... using the lino-print materials.


My preference is often to work in journals till ready to work larger... especially when working with new materials or ideas.

A small square motif!

A new work below on unstretched linen.

Referencing an earlier work.

Using the lino pod-form to create the structure was an interesting approach.

It was a beautiful afternoon with just the radio for company.

I like this blue for a change of palette.

This piece is approx 140cm x 80 cm.

I'm reluctant to add more at this point although its more minimal than originally intended. I like the textural aspect of working with the lino on this linen.

The edge of the unframed work is stitched with a brown linen thread. It will be pinned to the wall for exhibiting!

I have a week of pretty intense painting in front of me now. Ive settled into a good working routine after two weeks. I had to learn not to push it and to be very open to what direction emerged.

Bye for now,

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