Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired by a masterful teacher... Dorothy Caldwell

I just posted on this excellent workshop at the Eclectica blog in much more detail!

It offered a timely chance to retreat and be taken on a new experience thinking about mark making.

Dorothy Caldwell was he kind of teacher one wishes had crossed one's path many moons ago... but perhaps this was perfect timing in another way.

Conversations with Dorothy and others attending were especially wonderful.

This early exercise was a chance to reconnect with Imbi Davidson who I wrote about at this blog here.
Our works sit side by side above. Imbi is ever the most exciting mark maker.  I am much more a maker of forms... so it was great to be pushed into new thought.

4 days of experimenting with mark making....

burning holes, smoking paper, wax, finger-printing, lines and marks off every kind...


working large and small

making books... mine is on left below

and here below...

I've brought home two books to complete the binding on and have spent the day reflecting on all the layers of making, thinking, conversing and more form he previous 4 days with 15 people in a lovely garden setting on the edge of this city where I live.

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