Friday, May 25, 2012

forgotten work from April

This has been a hugely busy week plus Ive been a little tired after last week's scurry to the finish line of the IMB residency. Had a wonderful exhibition day last Friday and as yet have not even photographed all the art work from that day or written a blog post at all until now.

Thought this week would be a lot slower but instead it brought new developments and some excellent ones at that... plus tutoring at QUT yesterday and today and lots of wonderful conversations there. 

Tuesday I popped back into the IMB at UQ to say farewell and finalise things from the residency. 
And tonight I just realised I never did put up theses photos of works completed in April. There are several others from that time plus new ones to add... so hopefully soon things will settle a little.

‘dialogue between past and future’1 metre square acrylic on collaged linen
new work by Sophie Munns at ‘Homage to the seed’ Facebook page

‘dialogue between past and future’
1 metre square acrylic on collaged linen

‘song of the future’acrylic on linen - 90 cm sq
sophie munns : Homage to the seed: Facebook page 

‘song of the future’
acrylic on linen - 90 cm sq

new from sophie munns

Loved this 80 yr old French linen cloth I found at a street market in Brighton UK...  

just had to use it in this work!

Well... back soon with more and looking forward to visiting friends around the blogosphere... something thats been sadly neglected with he all too fast schedule of late!

Sophie x

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