Friday, May 25, 2012

forgotten work from April

This has been a hugely busy week plus Ive been a little tired after last week's scurry to the finish line of the IMB residency. Had a wonderful exhibition day last Friday and as yet have not even photographed all the art work from that day or written a blog post at all until now.

Thought this week would be a lot slower but instead it brought new developments and some excellent ones at that... plus tutoring at QUT yesterday and today and lots of wonderful conversations there. 

Tuesday I popped back into the IMB at UQ to say farewell and finalise things from the residency. 
And tonight I just realised I never did put up theses photos of works completed in April. There are several others from that time plus new ones to add... so hopefully soon things will settle a little.

‘dialogue between past and future’1 metre square acrylic on collaged linen
new work by Sophie Munns at ‘Homage to the seed’ Facebook page

‘dialogue between past and future’
1 metre square acrylic on collaged linen

‘song of the future’acrylic on linen - 90 cm sq
sophie munns : Homage to the seed: Facebook page 

‘song of the future’
acrylic on linen - 90 cm sq

new from sophie munns

Loved this 80 yr old French linen cloth I found at a street market in Brighton UK...  

just had to use it in this work!

Well... back soon with more and looking forward to visiting friends around the blogosphere... something thats been sadly neglected with he all too fast schedule of late!

Sophie x

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The busiest few weeks will culminate in an Art showing this Friday!

All the details of the show are to be found over at the Homage blog... next week I'll be back with photos but for now there is NO TIME at all for such things.

section of a painting on right and from a journal on left!

In fact I am even pinching text from the other blog as I am passing though here so quickly tonight!

Pop over to the Homage blog to read all about this and if you're in Brisbane this Friday, May 18th and have some time up your sleeve between ten and four than please come and say hello!

Paintings and preparations are taking every waking moment.. there's only so much one can do with three weeks ... so its a pleasure to be offering a viewing ... considering the brevity of time! The warm hospitality of people at this wonderful place has been a delight and it'll be quite sad to say farewell.
Have been a little tied up but looking forward to visiting you soon!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired by a masterful teacher... Dorothy Caldwell

I just posted on this excellent workshop at the Eclectica blog in much more detail!

It offered a timely chance to retreat and be taken on a new experience thinking about mark making.

Dorothy Caldwell was he kind of teacher one wishes had crossed one's path many moons ago... but perhaps this was perfect timing in another way.

Conversations with Dorothy and others attending were especially wonderful.

This early exercise was a chance to reconnect with Imbi Davidson who I wrote about at this blog here.
Our works sit side by side above. Imbi is ever the most exciting mark maker.  I am much more a maker of forms... so it was great to be pushed into new thought.

4 days of experimenting with mark making....

burning holes, smoking paper, wax, finger-printing, lines and marks off every kind...


working large and small

making books... mine is on left below

and here below...

I've brought home two books to complete the binding on and have spent the day reflecting on all the layers of making, thinking, conversing and more form he previous 4 days with 15 people in a lovely garden setting on the edge of this city where I live.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

colours in the Lab

My last posting here was of black and white graphics.. drawings for the current residency project in preparation for the International Fascination of Plants Day. See the top of the right hand sidebar... my website news links you to that.

Finding colour in the Lab is a bit of a challenge... but far from impossible.

I'm designing a postcard at the moment... so playing around with images ... I might add more here but these two will do for the moment.

This is the dye used for the DNA sequencing process which i posted on at the visual eclectic blog the other day.

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