Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homage to the Seed residency show at Herbarium, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha

The Herbarium at Mt Coot-tha was the setting for the December exhibition of the residency artwork in 'homage to the seed'.

book published for final residency show

The book contained material from across the year ... covering the role of the seed lab and the collaboration with Jason Halford from the lab.... as well as touching on various other aspects of public engagement carried out during the project. There was an overview on the ideas and passion behind the project going back many years and material was also included on the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity that  'homage to the seed' did in part respond to.  Journal pages as well as artworks were included in this book along with an essay written by Kevin Wilson, director of Artworkers Alliance (see end of post for essay).

The following piece is an overview of painting in 2010 during the residency written for the book.

'fossil seeds'  70 x 80 cm  acrylic and pigmented ink on canvas

fossil seeds  25 x 25 cm,  pigmented ink on muslin on linen

'eucalyptus seed capsules'  40 x 40 cm - acrylic and ink on linen

seedpod of the Leopard tree - Caeslalpinia ferrea
40 x 40 cm  - acrylic, pigmented ink and iron oxide on linen

'And the world became fruitful'  90 x 120 cm, pigmented ink and acrylic paint on linen

'And the world became bright'    90 x 120 cm  - acrylic on linen

correction - 90 cm x 90 cm 

'continuum'  90 x 90 cm  - acrylic, iron oxide and pastel grounds

'infinite'  70 x 80 cm - acrylic, pigmented ink and iron oxide on linen

'archaic, yet reverberating still'   1 m sq, acrylic and pigmented ink on linen

archaic, yet reverberating still'  1m sq, acrylic and pigmented ink on linen

'from the nothing the abundance'  90 x 120 cm - acrylic and pigmented ink on canvas

Essay written by Kevin Wilson on the exhibition.

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