Sunday, September 1, 2013

getting there!

Its so good to report that I am getting closer to starting studio work again with the process of unpacking and sorting out what goes where coming together.

And its been happening in fits and starts since we moved here July 28th due to other demands on time. It's quite one thing to unpack all the books and materials of the studio... but despite the shelving and space itself being generous ... the task is to make things fit yet still have the space remain as uncluttered as possible. The studio for me is such a dynamic space with many functions and new things coming in all the time... it leaves one hankering for a huge studio to spread out at will.

However... this is not a small space and I am incredibly fortunate to be settling into what is in many ways an ideal space even if it will keep me on my toes making it do what I need it to do!

These shelves can't carry too much weight at the top so the bottom row has the heavy books. I'm so conscious of what happens as the studio becomes busier and how the practical aspects of working here become all important... hence Ive really tried to think about the work stations and zones for things to belong to... as in the reading, musing zone below which has the painting area to the left and a large piece of linoleum laid over the tiles for a more practical wet-zone.

I'm so happy to have a place for this 1920's armchair that came from the large old house where I had my first real studio back in 1990. Its getting awfully worn ... but after thinking I would get it recovered finally it seems just right as is... and sitting here on the kilim I brought back form Turkey in 1988 its feels so at home. This home studio is in house built in 2004... so the presence of the old and well worn really adds some soul to the place. 

Friends coming to dinner last night spurred me to keep unpacking those pesky boxes... so today I plan to puddle around with some paints and paint myself back into the studio rhythm ... bit by bit!
Cheers all

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