Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcoming the new...

Journal entries from May 2008 since relocating to Brisbane - missing the coastal habitat I was accustomed to in my previous location - I turned instead to walking the streets near my home and photographing the very different sub-tropical vegetation, picking up seedpods and leaves and taking in the details of this particular environment.
I turned to borrowing books from the Botanical Gardens to identify some of the Rainforest species and learn more of what I was seeing. Moving from a city where gardening and the natural environment had not been such a passion for locals I relished being somewhere where trees evidently were important even if only for the respite from the heat they offer. Gardens in my neighbourhood, whilst not traditional for the most part, do have an abundance of plants , bushes and trees to admire.
The impact of this abundant vegetation was significant due to my already keen interest in pods of every kind added to the present day story of seeds - with their vulnerability to market forces and climate shifts - and the fact of the list of endangered species climbing along with that of birds and creatures of every kind.

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Blogging for me is an extension of keeping a journal which I have done in various forms over the decades. The difference being this is not a closed book! I like that it offers an opportunity to explore that which concerns me as an artist and as an individual about living and participating in this vastly complex, unquestionably exciting yet unnerving time in human history. Through the blog I hope to increase the possibilties for cross-pollination which I believe can strengthen the sense of being part of something both personal and universal that is vital, expansive and refreshing.