Monday, January 18, 2010

the rethinking process

Revisiting an earlier work 

Around 2004 I was working constantly in this geometric format compelled to use line and shapes over and over. I seemed to find this too rigid at some point and although I am not sure what possessed me now - I painted over the work as shown under this first image.  The new incarnation was bright and extremely intense - it made for extremely uncomfortable viewing and yet I could not throw it out (middle image). Recently I sanded the top layer back and as I had used acrylic paint straight from the tube there was a significant raised layering of this infinity shape that created an interesting effect against the underlayer. Far from a successful resolved work its value for me is in the act of attempting to articulate something wanting to be born.

detail below of work - acrylic on canvas Try clicking on this image to enlarge and view textural aspect of this work. The studio is often full of such experiments that sit waiting for further evaluation and a sense of where to go with the work. Often the works comanding the most tension and unease much later prove to be important for what is trying to unfold. It took a me along tme to allow this state tension to live in the work, unresolved for long periods, without a sense of direction, like an unanswered question! If you look closely the original layer underneath will be evident.

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Blogging for me is an extension of keeping a journal which I have done in various forms over the decades. The difference being this is not a closed book! I like that it offers an opportunity to explore that which concerns me as an artist and as an individual about living and participating in this vastly complex, unquestionably exciting yet unnerving time in human history. Through the blog I hope to increase the possibilties for cross-pollination which I believe can strengthen the sense of being part of something both personal and universal that is vital, expansive and refreshing.