Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Under the microscope - recent work

In the past 2 weeks considerable time has been spent in the Seed lab at Mt Coot-tha and studio at home. Click to enlarge any image below for a better viewing. The first image is illusive - it is the same seed I have drawn in the quick journal sketch on the right - image 4. Scleria Ciliaris is roughly a third the size of a peppercorn. An experiment with camera pointing down the microscope led to this 1st shot. I was seeing something quite a bit larger than this though, with the shiny white appearance and texture of a golf ball - with stem attached. Quite a challenge for the uninitiated to draw whilst staring down a telescope. What a treat however to see what the naked eye doesn't. Ever since I have been keen to view all kinds of seeds this way...even if not so keen to photograph them in this haphazard way!

Working on the verandah at home on large work for upcoming exhibition next month. In the process of building layers of acrylic and archival inks. excellent afternoon light makes for pleasant working now the summer has passed. Winter is the best time of year for this space... being such a moderate climate.

Still in progress, layers are gradually added and worked over, scraped back till the composition and rhythm of the work gels.

The motif is actually the cross-section of a fruit with seeds shown in 3 variations - this motif has been worked with repeatedly in the ovoid painting below in acrylic paint and archival inks.

Its been a highly productive couple of weeks going between the Botanic Garden Seed Lab, Garden Library, dialogues on seeds, collecting and conservation work, additional related research and concentrated studio time.
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