Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A new journal for a new chapter

Just quickly downloading a few images from the new journal I started this week to document the Cairns trip - Wet tropics material... fruits of the rainforest and seeds pods and things I've been collecting. 

With a week up here in North Queensland getting to know the place, especially the Tank's Arts Centre and Botanic Gardens which are located together, its been possible to work out some of the logistics of the month-long residency coming up in Sept/Oct. I will leave quite well prepared and ever so pleased I managed to come visit now when the pressure isn't on. I hired a car and scooted around Cairns, and elsewhere in the region.

Ive collected quite a bit of material in  the last week...

Yesterday I headed of the the Library in cairns... a wonderful old white building, a graceful architectural style. No doubt a wonderful retreat form the heat when needs be!

Black beab pod drawing ... I collected the pods at the Daintree River Ferry

My lovely new journal... an a4 moleskin which has creamy coloured pages and resists the application of watercolour in such a way that adds wonderful texture to brushstrokes...

I will have to check with a botanist as to the actual species name of this one... couldn't decide if it was one of two varieties I looked up at the Library.

I intend to continue  to work in the journal and pick up where I left off when I return on September. 

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