Monday, March 18, 2013

Last minute STUDIO SALE before the truck comes!

Last minute STUDIO SALE (Paddington, QLD) before the truck comes friday. Yes... parting with some pieces at prices to make you smile! Did I mention I am moving this weekend now the studio residency is over. Call me 07 32624296 or email if you need more clues. Postage? YES! Just ask! 

WHEN? All day Thursday till quite late... ask about other times... WHAT? Sale includes Experiments, Works on Paper, OLDER works and the odd surprise! PH: 07 3262 4296 or Email via CONTACT page at website:

I'm taking a few photos today as I start to sort and pack. 

I was rolling up these fabric works when I thought to take a picture.

It would be fun to design some more fabric...

Seeing these rolled reminds me of hours spent accompanying my mother to buy fabric for all the clothes she sewed for her family of six when we were young! Remember when that was the most common source of clothing for many families? 

I still have the luxury of a mother who will run up something for me when asked. At this point I see that as an incredible luxury that I no longer take for granted as I did as an all too assuming child.

In my 20's  made all my own many of my clothes ... influenced greatly by prominent Japanese designers of the 80's. In a way I am still influenced by that aesthetic .. the exposed stitching and torn edges were so appealing then and still now!

Back to work... the studio is waiting !

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