Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shaking things up!

Getting on top of things and making new starts is the theme of this week.

I saw this film on the weekend... Darjeeling Unlimited!

Did you see it? Precious, obscure, annoying one minute and stunning the next! A bit like life really.
film poster

Moving can seem a bit like the image at the top... too much to carry... and as if one's in some vast and strange land or is it mindscape? I don't have Louis Vuitton luggage like they did but my 'stuff' is precious to me nevertheless.

So to focusing and make fresh starts this week. The thing that needed renovating the most I determined on Monday night was the very first blog Visual Eclectica  I started 4 years ago on May One.

And before the reno came the need to consider what the blog means to me... now and then ... to think about what's transpired, what could be done away with and what must stay.

a new blog header 

I've done most of the changes I wish to make there now ... except the one which takes the most time... blog lists and links. That part is so out of date and I realised would have to be tackled on another sitting.

books, blogs, journals and writing on my mind

Last night I was tinkering with blogger and noticed the untouched blog I set up in a fit of restlessness one night in early 2011. I had no idea at that time what I needed a new blog for and in the end I didn't use it save for a few haphazard posts. I think I selected a tumblr template eventually to pursue some initially unformed idea.

Aha I thought... I will employ this shell of a blog for its template and really start on my book Ive been going to do for about a year now.

So just like that, at about quarter to nine last night, I began my book which currently has a most basic working title: homage to the seed ii! You know how the first post becomes the last with blogs... I left a single post from 2 years ago as the FINAL post and began to title 43 posts, allowing 25 for chapters and all kinds of material found front and back of a book was allowed for in the extra posts, all roughly titled so I would remember what to start adding in when the time comes. Things like foreward, afterthoughts, acknowledgments etc etc. The usual!

By the time I turned out the light 5 hours later the book was scaffolded and I was over the moon about having made the jump... even if this rag and bone beginning is a long way from what will be needed to call it  a BOOK!

I'm now sitting in the large hall of a Performing Arts venue, below, in Brisbane ... its afternoon, this place is by the river, parking's free,  the coffee's good, wifi is working and free... laptop and iphone's plugged into power points and a large window on the other side of a busy kitchen looks over the river. Makes it a great place to be able get on with it today... and a welcome change form working at home.

The Brisbane Powerhouse via here

Who knows what progress will be like on this project... just being able to tackle one part of a chapter is useful and now i have a good place to do just that.

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