Sunday, June 23, 2013

searching the archives

Tomorrow the truck comes to take away the house contents. Ive been sorting and filing all week. If at first this task was tedious and annoying it became a magic carpet ride through the past and from days of scouring the "archives", if I can call it that, the rewards were great indeed.

Like old friends one misses but has not seen in ages ... photos, letters, flyers, primary material +  photocopied notes and journal material ... all this has to be trawled through and put into categories or thrown if not needed anymore.

One I had forgotten about completely was this watercolour painting below which is 50 x 70 cm. The  image had been photographed, not well at that,  and I chose to take an image on my iphone for the sake of recording it online. 

The title of the painting is not something I recall not where this work went I'm sorry to say. An unusual situation indeed. However, I had a lost of change in late 2007-08 so in some ways it is highly likely a few things went astray.

The work below is from an exhibition I took part in in Newcastle in 2004 and is titled "Musical notation from another sphere" ... a work inspired by Greek poet Oddyseus Elytis whose poems I read in the early 90's when living in Melbourne and processing the influence of this country and its ancient culture in my thinking and artwork after a 4 month stay there in 1987.

Well back to the drawing board. Or I should say.... packing!
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