Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 weeks later...

I've lost track of the last time I posted.... but it was June 26th when I left Clayfield and its now almost August and I can finally say Ive landed in the new home and have been here all of 4 days.

The State Library which I frequented during the last month or so.

We're concentrating on setting up the all important things first... kitchen, sleeping quarters and such so my studio is being ignored. The 5 week of nomadic life reminded me of the things that really are important in daily life. I had three wonderful homes to go to and was offered such gracious hospitality in each different home.

I realise that my life has changed these days immeasurably ... once a keen nomad-type I would gladly set up camp, stay with friends or in places all over without a second thought. 

These days I am impossibly given to home routines and feeling settled. I can draw a line between past and future back around 2003 when I began to realise I was not lured away very often and became quite bad at preparations and leaving. This was almost in complete opposition to how i had always been so it was quite shocking to register the change and did wonder about it from time to time.

This limbo time I had many plans for and expected to get a huge amount done on my book.

I did make a point of setting up places to work ... like the Asia Pacific Design centre at the State Library where one can read many recent magazines, journals and publications.

I had plenty to quiet time and not so many distractions yet I was torn, anxious at times about the year passing, and just plain restless.

I went to various outlets like the Antique Centre at Wolloongabba where I came upon some interesting Eames furniture... some in really good condition. Here I fantasised about my new studio-to-be.

I had some photos of the new place which I looked at here and there, like this one above of the path up the side of the house... usually when showing a friend where I would be living and working. I had particularly deep exchanges with friends during this time. Somehow being so thrown off course with the move and months or prep, encountering old vulnerabilities, brought some really wonderful exchanges to light with much appreciated friends.

Ive been far too busy working through all the stages of settling in over the past 4 days that I haven't taken any images of the new place. Soon!

Best to any of you who still wonder by here... no internet at the moment. Ive rigged up my iphone tonight to do this wee post... so that's something!

S x

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