Tuesday, October 15, 2013

20 works on cotton paper

Today I was delighted to have energy to return again to the studio after a rugged 5 days fighting a most unpleasant virus. Eyes and nose running, bad cough... exhausted... basically I had to knock off work and lay low... so today, feeling up to it, I sat in the studio working on a quiet, not-so-demanding small series of paintings on 300 gm cotton watercolour paper 100 x 210 mm ...  as below.

I started about ten am and worked through till 9pm with only a few breaks to prepare meals etc.

I wanted to do these as an exercise in composition, atmosphere and variations on a simple theme.

Getting depth and energy into these small paintings was a great challenge

I liked creating variations of mood, texture and approach. As an exercise it was really successful to reflect on how a simple motif becomes such a wonderful point of departure!  

Well its late so I will keep moving.

More soon... November 23 I will open my studio to the public... so lots to organise. Bye for now!

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