Saturday, December 28, 2013

On retreat in the mountains ... a mini residency

From Boxing Day to New Years I'm staying at Koonjewarre in the Springbrook National Park.

Image found here

I've not been here but this image is of a well loved place nearby.

Koonjewarre is one of the locations currently undergoing an ecological restoration project with the Springbrook Rescue Project an arm of the Australian Rainforest Conservation Society's work.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon and it was a warm summer's day. Waking up the following morning, yesterday, at 5.15am I took this photo from my verandah and thought how wonderful to be in this peaceful setting.

The mist lingered day and night creating a mysterious yet gentle mood ... quite inspiring in fact. Lulled into a state of great relaxation an afternoon nap compulsory... however I worked till 10.30 that evening and have posted some journal pages here.

temporary studio has good windows looking across the lawn and forested hills

The temporary studio set up for the stay... also where I am doing several workshop for some here for the camp that kindly included me in their program.

I worked in several journals and used mainly Sepia ink and twigs from an acacia tree with wonderful pods I also drew.

Working with twigs makes for quick drawings and scratchy organic forms.

Its a great opportunity for working loosely and simply.

One of the fellow campers Maria noticed this moth late last night and thought the markings were exquisite and someone might like to draw it today.

Waking up today I found the day was reasonably bright and clear although cloudy which I quite like. My sister reported yesterday they'd had an abysmally hot day back on the coast near Brisbane where she lives so all of us here are relishing the cool of the mountains and thanking our lucky stars for being here at this time of year. Rain is frequent here. In January last year over 600 mls of rain fell in that one month.

I'm going to go seed collecting now before today's class so I will sign off.

Happy holidays everyone!

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