Saturday, May 21, 2011

planning and organisation in the studio...

Gavid Sade at Lumia: State Library of Qld

The last month in the studio has been an intense one - not one large deadline as such... but many low key ones all critical for planning purposes! Teaching classes... figuring out new technology... venturing further into social media and applying it more productively... and in the process one taps into a universe of extraordinary complexity, talent and inspiration along the way... and certainly in multiple directions.

Defining this year by the title Art, Seeds and Biodiversity has set the agenda to further engage on the work pursued in 2010. Considerable reflection on last year's project aims and progress prompted the sense of necessity and desire to continue the research, communications, communal undertakings and, of course,  my art practice on this theme. 
The quote posted above was found at an engaging exhibition at the State Library in April... still on I think. It resonates with concerns central to my thinking and art practice... a reason I'm not content to  focus purely on paint and canvas at this time. Its a choice not lightly made ... but since 2005 the need to address broad concerns has been tugging at my heart and mind ... and certainly in my 30's a considerable number of years were given to addressing some of the things that have re-emerged as essentials in my art practice. 
For much of the first decade of the new Millennium I primarily focused on the paint, the form, the content, the sensuality and language of paint ... artworks ... artists... the artist's 'blueprint' for 'the' career. Those years were critically important for deepening my respect for the craft, the skills and knowledge, formal concerns and philosophical. But all that now needs to sit alongside a compelling need to participate in crucial dialogue and ideas for a world in change that I seem to be deeply sensitised to ... far more than I wish to be in actual fact. Life experiences have pushed me out of my comfort zone over and over... the very best that arises from that is one learns to see others in their vulnerability ... there might be a missing layer of skin... but there's no indifference to humanity's breadth and depth. The years teach one to protect self from too-muchness of experience... but to stay open and notice... to be receptive and to find ways to be with "the stuff" ... not necessarily the sanctioned ways either. Being with is not always being in the midst.

And so to the studio. the painting and such....

Purchasing a new camera 6 weeks ago led to a frustrating period with photos refusing to download.  Finally tonight ... some success on that front! Without a camera its been impossible to show signs of life in the studio despite the past month being quite satisfying and productive...  momentum and seriousness of intent picking after again after slowing for a bit to catch up from last year.

The website has been rejigged this week, a subscription newsletter is being prepared whilst a simple news page was added to the website in the meantime. With 2 events coming up in the next couple of weeks and interesting plans forming for later this year there will be more to report on here and there.

Stay tuned for further news and photos of artwork to be added soon!

The Brisbane River by night... 

Recently I attended a lecture at GoMA in the city and travelled on the river by public transport (the Rivercat) ... catching the afternoon sun and returning home in the evening with these night views of the city and the Story Bridge.
The January floods affected the river traffic enormously ... and a great many people and business! This river excursion the same day I saw the Lumia exhibition (quote at top of post) was somehow quite poignant ... being back on the river after the deluge... a sense of things forever in cycle! Contemplation of the fact nature does not wait for us ...we drag ourselves kicking and screaming towards a reckoning with the ways of nature... in having to accept we cant ultimately have the kind of relationship with it we want... instead WE have to sit up and take notice... in advance!  Now there' a challenge!

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