Sunday, April 10, 2011

revisiting work from 2007 - rethinking process!

A couple of days ago I opened a box in my studio and found a pile of postcard size artworks from 2007 ... some were originally A4-size works cropped and worked on in further stages. This inspired me to puddle around this weekend on some new stuff.

I hope to have images up soon of what Im doing at this time ... till then... these ones from 2007 are a good reminder of how one can work on something, perhaps return to it... adding another layer ... or not!

All works here are in acrylic and pigmented ink... including the white which I love for its milky-ness and semi transparent covering ability.

8 works (postcard size)

two postcards

use of a syringe filled with paint resulted in some of the works being extremely
animated... hard to control ... but capable of creating a lot of energy in the lines!

pod forms meeting the fluidity theme.

the infinity symbol was another preoccupation

Sennelier inks are rich and dense ... when using the stopper the bubbles remain in the ink and dry o create this texture.

layers of surfaces.

sennelier inks with art spectrum white

blue and brown sennellier ink

texture of the paper coming through.

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