Saturday, June 11, 2011

recent work from the studio: Colour Reverie

Last night  I downloaded images from my camera of recent work and wrote about it at my main blog which I update most frequently as a link to various other sites I have. Click here to read that post and see new work and visual exercises I've been playing with.

Im really valuing not feeling pressured in the studio so far this year... although .... there's been limited time for painting as other projects come to the fore. Just the same, its a crucial period of renewal and reflection on previous work and taking to live with some of the key imagery from last year to ponder where I am with it before things get too busy again. When one is not able to paint often it certainly then becomes a most enjoyable and deep pleasure.

In this image the blue/white under-layer contains seed pod forms floating in space rather like they do when being dispersed on wind or water. The over-laying curtain of white ink circular forms are cross-sections motifs of seed capsules ... representing the continuity and infinite cycles that is nature and seeds. Blue is a fresh departure - its been quote a while since I really worked with it... but often the sky is the backdrop to seedpods as they appear on trees and bushes silhouetted against the sky.

I'll post more images here soon..

Thinking a lot about colour at the moment... bookings are coming in for the "Colours of nature" workshops... see the previous post to read more on that! 

Or send me an email and I'll forward the details!
         e: sophiemunns @ iinet . net . au 

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