Monday, September 12, 2011

confounding times with tech stuff!

Getting used to the new laptop is confounding at times. Luckily I'm making the most of the year-long offer of classes at the Apple store! Even so it's not always the case that I get in there with the questions i need to ask at the right time!

I have a three year old desk top which I have come to know my way around OK and now I find that some functions on the new up-to-date-you-beaut-machine are far too clever for me to know whats going on!

I guess if I just persist things will reveal themselves to me... but I do get that sinking feeling when putting images up on i-photo and suddenly old processes no longer translate into action. Given that I am even more at sixes and sevens with my new supposedly simple camera and its downloading functions I find it a little unnerving that just as I'm about to go off on a research trip I'm still fiddling with the basics of these tools i like to rely on.

small work on an uneven block of cedar wood - acrylic and ink 

I did this little work a couple of years ago when I found some interesting blocks of cedar to paint on. I always meant to keep my eye out for more of this fabulous material to work on as it was easy to gesso and  work with, had the most wonderful scent and I loved the texture of the wood that was coming through... and in this one the fact of two odd sizes of cedar being glued together in a way that added something pleasing to the composition.

Friday I had a wonderful search for art material through online art suppliers in the UK! I posted here on that... and found these inks which i would love to puddle around with.


Abraxas Inks

Made in Switzerland. Enviromentally friendly inks, made to the highest standard from natural ingredients. Handcrafted using traditional methods, each bottle is filled individually, corked and labelled with a hand coloured label. Information on the different ingredients used available on request.


This got me really thinking about all the possible mediums I could work with ....and surfaces... Go see that post to read where these inks are found!

Well ...its been a very busy week tying up loose ends after last week's huge event. The trip is coming closer and much still to organise.

More on this soon!

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