Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what's hiding in the archives?

I am putting these up here for a friend to look at who is interested in seeing these works on their own.. she hard picked then out of  studio photo. Makes me wonder why i never put work up here like that ....  and price tag. The works are for sale...only a few I can't bear to part ewith... I'm getting better... maybe I will do that before my trip as I have a few people coming by ... viewing and purchasing work at the moment after the huge Art Weekend recently held here.

parallel universe I   45 x 45 cm  acrylic and ink on canvas

Qld rainforest seed capsules- cross sections

exhibition last June of these works ... all rainforest fruits seed capsules

Mmm..seriously needs to be rephotographed...this has the most wonderful iron oxide pigment
from Western Australia and is very rich and sensual smaller work .... the close top below is
also not accurate... and that colour in the background is not blue! Must do something
about this.... its painted on a good wooden surface too...rather appealing!  

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