Monday, February 27, 2012

things are shaping up...

Ive had a busy week or so... not in the studio unfortunately... but very productive none-the-less. Things are being organised for various projects ....including tutoring at QUT, a Brisbane Uni, which starts this coming week. I'm doing some tutoring in the Architecture faculty in 'Visualisation' - a first year subject. A meeting the other day allowed me to meet others on the team. This will I'm sure be a good source of stimulation ...I'm looking forward to working with colleagues, accessing new ideas and experiences, and picking up inspiration along the way. I'm all for the potential of cross-pollination that comes with stepping into fresh scenarios.... getting to see up close how architectural thinking and visualising is shaped and directed.

My new Pinterest site I mentioned in the last post I've been finding quite engaging,,, interesting links and exchanges to be had. I noticed via Twitter last week Pinterest is forging ahead with huge global growth in the last month for some reason. It's being progressively taken up by all kinds of organisations... Museums, businesses as well as the Not-for-profit sector ... then there's the millions of individuals choosing to pin a visual map of their preoccupations.

Here are images from the Pinterest page on artists with their work:

artists with their work

Photo of a pinPhoto of a pinPhoto of a pinPhoto of a pinPhoto of a pinPhoto of a pinPhoto of a pinPhoto of a pin
Another page is of studios Ive pinned.

dietland wolf
Dietlind Wolf
I found this image of a large studio space on Pinterest ... click on the name under the photo and it will take you to the blog of the artist and you'll see some great images of the studio and work there.
When I see space this large (or bigger!) and observe the possibilities for working straight onto walls, tacking things ups, spreading out I have to admit to some longing for larger space than is mine at the moment.
Darrell Roberts’ studio
This image of Darrell Robert's desk reminds me of mine ... a large table that fills with things the longer I work.. inks and paints everywhere... and books. Still ... I quite like the chaos of everything at ones fingertips!
This note from Pinterest is quite apt....
should be written all over my studio walls
Image via here.
Instead of wishing for space and such things the point is of course to work with focus and imagination to bring out the best situation possible. 

Matisse, paper cutting.
Matisse has always been a bit of a hero of mine... he certainly found a way to overcome harsh  personal limitations at this point of his life... and proceeded to make some of his best work.
Well... Ive had lot of inspiration in the last week... so best get some rest and be ready for what's in store this week!
I have more photos to load here... later!

ps thanks to those who pop by here... I never would've thought anyone would find my posts here so it's been lovely to find your comments!
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