Thursday, February 16, 2012

workshopping on holidays

I wrote a post at the visual eclectica blog recently about my trip south to Newcastle and Sydney... I found time to read, muse, take photos, visit art galleries and even have meetings re possible work projects... but the one thing there was little time for was creating on paper whilst was on the move.

All except for the first whole day of my trip, a cool wet day when I was comfortably ensconced in domestic life with lovely friends beside the coast in Newcastle. We decided to have a workshop with all the art materials and paper we could find that morning and started by taking a walk to the nearby community garden for materials to draw.

Various seed pods and natural items were gathered on our walk and then provided the stimulus for our work. I love the banks pods particularly but we found an interesting use for the casuarina seedpods that made us think differently about them.

banksia drawings - experimenting with not looking at paper or using left hand.

drawing with the twig dipped in ink was very appealing for the children.

It was good to see the various approaches to working each person took.
I didn't take photos of my own work from this session but I did put down
quite a few ideas and pages of layered colour for later drawing surfaces.
I look forward to getting going in the studio again... I brought home some new ink and more paints, some canvas and two small concertina books... much to do in coming weeks... theres all kinds of tasks and things to tackle. However the time away was excellent for refreshing my plans and rethinking things.
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