Friday, March 23, 2012

I like banks...

Seed banks hold great appeal for me... and here is another kind of bank I recently discovered at Pinterest.

Despite being familiar through Pinterest its was only today that I visited their website,  tumblr and facebook page. A visit to their tumblr archive revealed this...

Sophie Munns   Homage to the Seed
 a 2011 work from my website

We love these paintings by Sophie Munns for there subtlety in colour, texture and pattern.The beauty here, is in natures unevenness in repetition. Her residency at Brisbane Botanic Gardens Artist-in-Residence at Mt Coot-tha focused on global seed heritage and seed conservation. More information at

I was quite delighted with their take on my work as I'm fascinated to learn about their work:

Patternbank’s goal is to be  the one stop resource site for the print, pattern and graphics industry. Patternbank aims to keep you up to speed with the rapidly evolving world of print, pattern and apparel graphics. Our global trend research brings you essential forecast info and trend inspiration ideas for graphics, prints and patterns, making patternbank a valuable resource and intelligence tool for any business, designer or buyer.

With over 20 years in the print, graphics and forecast industry our team have a creative focused eye to aid you in your seasonal design developments.  The Patternbank team have expert knowledge of the print and graphic industry with specialised skills in spotting directional visual inspiration, emerging print and graphics forecast trends, catwalk print and graphic analysis, colour prediction, as well as keeping you up to date on apparel print and graphic developments."
For two years in the late 1990's I designed textiles for boutique bedlinen ranges for a leading Textile Corporation in Melbourne and so was introduced to the textile industry. This happened simply because I was discovered by the Managing Director who drove past my shop-front studio in Melbourne frequently and became curious enough to arrange for his staff to visit and view my work.
One can view patterns as decorative and pleasing (or not), depending on the design. For me they've always been intrinsically tied up with cultural ideas that can be dense and layered if the thinking behind a design is from a curious or receptive mind. Simple or complex... there's so much can be written about patterns and these days about the Pattern-making brain.

The other works they selected are these:
Sophie Munns   Homage to the Seed

Sophie Munns   Homage to the Seed

Sophie Munns   Homage to the Seed

Sophie Munns   Homage to the Seed

Sophie Munns   Homage to the Seed

Sophie Munns   Homage to the Seed
I do find it helpful to have other viewers for ones work..its all to easy to set up a hierarchy of good works and bad in one's studio... discount some things due to this or that. Thanks to Pattern back I may hold on to one work that was destined not to last long as is!

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