Monday, March 26, 2012

working on the back verandah...

Just a quick post...

it was unexpectedly fine for much of this weekend, stunning days, and what better time to spend on the back verandah painting. I finally got working on larger canvases around thursday after many distractions.
I had butcher birds get very friendly close towhee I was working.

This photo could be much better, plus its an incomplete work anyway... but I'm enjoying this colour palette at the moment and finding myself transported at times as if wanting to recall something that won't quite come to mind. Thats not such an unusual sensation with painting. That feeling that you are trying to realise something almost can feel it, smell it and yet just can't quite see it!

Two works below have been engaging me this weekend. They are working off each other in a way... so here they are sitting on the back verandah table against the wall where I can paint onto them quite easily... and step back and view from a comfy chair.

The work on the left is a metre square and is onto linen which has been collaged onto the canvas.

these are sections of the long work

this is a painting that I have worked
 on before but not felt quite right about
... coming back to it was a case of 
working out what was working... 
and what was needing altering!

The white ovals need repainting
... but I left them for the moment

this is the larger square painting.
It already had a few areas done...
this linen I wanted to use as part of the 
composition which does make it
a challenge to compose

sections of work with 
close-up of area below!

Ive painted since these photos were 
taken yesterday ... so stay tuned
if curious to see the completion.

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