Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July in the studio... workshops and hours spent painting!

Staying in at home to work on computer has been far overtaken by the desire to get to the studio, only 15 mins away, for long sessions of painting. The simple fact I am not online at the Paddington studio is the reason I've spent far less time online since June.

Sessions spent working on paper and journal pages messing about are freeing...

I greatly miss friends from the blogosphere and find I am less likely to keep up to date with posting on new work... esp at the website. Its also easy to forget about things coming up as I am not getting email reminders.


the paints are out and its is go, go, go over there.

I have sorted out all kinds of work from past to present, reviewed works on paper, looked at what could be better resolved and continued to work on new pieces, large and small.

Its a delicate balance of focus really remembering whats coming up and must-dos, workshops and meetings.... and all the while being hugely immersed in thinking about painting just now.

Here's a glimpse... a little random!

Working on paper I find liberating as it matters not whether as idea comes together ... especially since I  will work over anything in sight if i feel inclined. The layering process offers much room to experiment.

A recent work I altered to colours when nearing completion was this one below. A friend visited one day and saw clearly what was missing ... giving me really the perfect idea to go forward. The linen I was working on was wonderful too... quite thick and textured. I liked the way the paint felt working on it.


colour, patterning, seed forms...

more work on paper... above panels... below large sheets

Working on canvas...

20 x 20 cm squares

20 x0 20 cm sq

close up

Rethinking a 90 cm square work... reintroducing seed capsule cross-sections motifs.

This theme will feature in the work I carry out on residency in Far North Qld later in September.... so I have been exploring material from late 2010 that is relevant to this next stage of the project.

motifs from rainforest fruits seed capsules... cross-sections

Stitched work... have been thinking about this again.... the closeup of a work below got me thinking about it too.

 and these stitched pieces I've been playing around with ... thinking about collaging them onto canvas...

So... there's much happening... work in progress is something I really enjoy. Not one given to painting one work from beginning to end... one after the other. I like things to grow and sit quietly and have time to be mused over.

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