Monday, July 30, 2012

Reflecting on the May IMB Residency

Taking photos of one's work and seeing they are channelled to the appropriate places is quite time consuming. I just updated the website and revisited this post of IMB Dna drawings. I have yet to photograph some large DNA artworks painted for the May 18th event celebrating the International Fascination of Plants Day at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience here at UQ in Brisbane.

This was one of the paintings completed in that 3 week period...  titled 'Cotyledon Patterning' it was somewhat playful and happily soon found an owner. 

'Cotyledon Patterning' 
90 cm square, acrylic on linen collaged on canvas

This is a digital artwork that used imagery found whilst at the IMB.
The Arabipdopsis cotyledon was such a striking form.

This collage format below is via Pic Monkey, a simple to use, free photo platform shared with readers by lovely blogger Lesley of Printed Material. I liked the collage format she used for her gorgeous garden photos ... and on a whim visited Pic Monkey and found it as easy to use as suggested.

I took a great many photos at the IMB... some were worked into digital images, others journal drawings and paintings.

The plant photographed here is the commonly used Arabidopsis ... the white mice of the Plant Lab world. It so intrigued me all the seemingly endless coding and maths that this little plant could generate.

It was an invaluable and truly enriching experience doing this residency. I gained such an appreciation for the work behind the research, particularly the high level of collaboration and discipline that comes with the peer revue process. It is a model that could well serve other professions and walks of life... the studious yet collaborative element certainly and the standard of quiet, disciplined striving.     
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