Wednesday, December 19, 2012

word and image

Lately I have been thinking a lot about words, words and images... and of course books.

Always something Ive been drawn to in some shape or form. I had a business years ago making Art Cards which was successful but in the end too much like a production line. I used quotes on some cards and the best selling ones had a Matisse quote. I've never photographed the cards ... must do that. Pre-computer days (for me) ! Then there are the 4 decades of journals.

My recent organisation of credit card access for selling art work has opened up the possibilities... Ive had so many requests for the Homage to the seed book from OS, particularly from people in Art and  Education Institutions/organisations in the UK. 
The book was first printed not long before the Huge flood disaster that Brisbane suffered in january 2011. QUT Printers, whom I worked closely with at the time, were completely inundated and had to close down and transfer to another site ... on University campus away from potential disaster.

They didn't lose the file and I did do another print run but the price went up due to the need for them to out-source the job.

The Homage to the Seed book has suffered quite a fateful journey as I accidently corrupted the file and had only one copy made (tech savvy NOT!) The printers still have it on file but that was not suitable for me to download and send to an E-book publisher. Costs of printing are a little steep .... so I wanted to set it up on E-book. That's when I discovered the sad state of the book file...  ages ago now. 

I still have all the uncollated pages... but I would have to spend days on In-design which I was helped with before by a very generous architecture student who had just completed her studies for the year and had the time and the mind for it. Anyway, this year I undertook an excellent Book Publishing Program through a Brisbane business to come up to speed with everything for my next book project. Let's just say every effort to have back-up versions will be made this time. E-books yes... and publishing on demand should be available as well as a small print run I will publish for my own use.  

After the Cairns trip in October I had thought that would get underway....but as things have a way of happening... the 'for sale' sign looks like it will go up on our family home in January. Not a 100% certainty... we don't have to sell ... but feel with changes in our housing needs it might be for the best.

Summer holidays are by far the least disruptive time for such changes... as far as work projects and commitments go...  so the book is on hold... hence the artist books and other smaller projects I've been doing of late. I'm showing at the Gallery where I have a studio in February.... an opportunity I am very grateful for as its possible to set up the show very easily working downstairs.... and it makes the chaos of home seem a lot less unsettling.

                           The Homage to the Seed book from two years ago was an important aspect of sharing the work o the project the year it was launched. I had no idea I would still be running this project but after 3 years its too full of life for me to give it over.

Well ...I've actually saved a small number of copies of this book to archive...leaving me with 5 books now to sell. I had no idea a book that had only 4 weeks to be written and put together could possibly play a bigger part in my story and work. But it has been, despite perceived limitations and a seriously low budget, an incredibly successful experience all up.

In the meantime there are more books to work on...

I actually want to work on these pages... maybe put the book in the February show.  Somethng about an empty page just draws me in! This was a  work on paper that I reworked into a book... its partly very graphic and then there are pages that are collaged and more earthy.

I suspect it will be a busy period with little down-time apart from Xmas... as it is... I am now posting many photos that have been backed up waiting for free time to blog!

All fine though... its good to be busy doing things you (mostly) like or love  .... or see the point of more aptly!

     but first... may I offer my huge thanks to the lovely people who have visited my "shop" (well... no formal site)... sending blessings to you ... and to all who come by here.. and take time to surprise me when you can with nimble thoughts and open hearts... you are greatly valued!

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