Thursday, January 3, 2013


water is something I love

and the place I stayed for almost a week

has a stunning series of connected waterways, river, lakes, ocean

 on the sunset cruise last week the sun was hidden behind billowing clouds.

there were boats of all kinds... houseboats... yachts... ferries....

even a Gondola that looked a little lost in the Antipodes

 the clouds were dramatic ... there were many moods this afternoon

a kayaker was out

love the way the land was so so dark

and the moon was coming up

 the houseboats spoke to me

and the shores beckoned

90 minutes in the river-ferry at sundown was peaceful

all this water was so good for the soul!

I could have spent a whole week going far up river, visiting the lakes... doing the Everglade trip and then there's canals and more lakes and waterways... and kayaking and board-riding standing up paddling! The ocean meets the river and swimming is mostly wonderful down at the beach. But I did run into a blue bottle in the waves one day and my leg still bears the tell-tale signs.

Sigh... always love the water... whatever the mood!

I wander if the studio will reflect this at all... or perhaps it was just the simple act of having the wind and water washing over and around me.... taking away some of the worries and tiredness of the old year and making space for the new year to come in!
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