Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Exhibition coming up in February

At the moment I'm quite preoccupied with making plans for the February exhibition at the Paddington Gallery where my studio is located. Things are coming along quite nicely now. I'm looking forward to showing here as the atmosphere is lovely and the area brings locals and travellers alike in search of the boutiques, cafes and specialist stores. 

I'm drawing up a Biodiversity dialogue program to run in the gallery... a bit of a challenge at this time of year when everyone has finally recovered some energy, many enjoying holidays and a welcome slow down. Heat and bushfires have added to the feeling of lethargy.

By February though schools and most things are picking up momentum... so I'll let you know what is on the books. Stay tuned.

encounters in bio-cultural-diversity
13 - 24 February 2013
Viewing Times
Wednesday to Sunday  |  12pm - 5pm (or by appointment)
Opening Night
Thursday 14 February 2013  |  6pm - 9pm
Artist Contact
0430 599 344  |

Images left to right: (1) "QLD Rainforest Fruits, Seed Capsule Motifs", Acrylic on Linen Boards, 9cm x 10cm & (2) "QLD Rainforest Fruit, Seed Capsule (Cross-Section) Motif", Lino-Printed Fabric - Linen, 45cm x 30cm.
Percolator Gallery 134 Latrobe Tce,
Paddington  Q  4064   Tel: 3368 3315

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