Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mail delivery to Wake Robin! And it was snowing over there!

wake robin: mail call:

I am going to share this with you directly from  Velma's blog. I was so amused at the thought of a parcel sent from my summery studio arriving in the dead of a northern winter in Upstate New York.

Velma is a teacher and artist from north of the Adirondack blue line, New York working in fibre, textiles, paper, books and landscape.

     This is what Velma wrote... 

(click on the highlighted text just above to read her lovely blog!) 

mail call

while i was sick, 
the mail still came. 
wireless worked.
a few new goodies arrived
as i was becoming ill
and then during.
some i've written about
some are not yet seen, 
but sophie, and carol, and haystack, and pien
here they are!
 sophie munns sent me a book and a few goodies
that made me dance and shout
 carol showed me some tempting process photos, 
as did aimee
 these are mysterious
but there's even more mystery i can't write about, yet
 a place i want to go to this summer
and i may have some interesting teaching gigs popping up,
 can't give details till they're worked out.
 and pien rotterdam
someone i "met"
years and years ago as part of the YAHOO papermakers group
evertything was beautifully wrapped
 and her sample book was lovely
really fine papers
the kind that take your breath away

I have posted all her images and most of the text because I so enjoyed seeing all the mail that arrived in the snow, and whist she was laid low and feeling poorly. I must say how I loved those gifts from other destinations!

Thanks for the mention my northern friend... glad you were up before too long!

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