Wednesday, August 31, 2011

musing on blue and brown...

'the perennial conversation', 45 cm x 45 cm sq, 
acrylic and ink on paper, fabric and canvas

Posting quickly tonight... its was so satisfying to complete a series of works this past week that had been on my mind for some time. Loading this here just now I found myself thinking about the colours blue and brown and how important they've been in my work for a while. Bit of an earth and sky thing. A few times this year I've heard people speak very eloquently about soil ... the imagery really caught my imagination. Sky and blue for me refer to space and time... a perennial interest is the ancient and what lingers today from down the centuries.

My favourite Sennelier inks come in a box of 4 ... or five? Must be five... two blues. two browns and a black have resulted in many a work that lingers on my mind.... 

close up using sennelier inks on ink

Love what these inks have allowed me to achieve... they are so rich, really have depth yet are very fluid... even when they dry there's that liquid quality!

image from 4 years ago... on paper ... looking at the colours
I was toying with in this quirky composition

a section of a work on paper ... from 4 years ago... using
sennelier inks... interesting how I prefer the other blue now
... a more prussian blue... earthier.

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