Friday, August 26, 2011

the studio is bursting at the seams!

With the Spring Art Sale on next weekend things are getting very busy in my studio as I seek things out that have been pushed aside and forgotten about. Someone rang this morning about some works on my website and I realised afterwards where some of the miniatures works were... on the wall in a bedroom.

I have been taking photos of works as I complete them ... or discover them ....  but haven't as yet downloaded them. Trying madly to keep up with emails coming in and things to do... very busy time but enjoyable too! Thinking about painting is always stimulating.

I shall be back soon with photos...

Visit this website events page for more on this:

Afterthought:  Today I found a number of these small 10 cm square canvas boards. I've painted these at times figuring out ideas and colours and such. Love the discipline of doing small work ... the challenge of making something work ... instill it with energy. Its harder than it can at first seem! And its a great thing to do when restricted with time and space.

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