Monday, August 8, 2011


I do have an announcement to make ....

This flyer below (click the flyer to read a larger version) introduces the exciting research trip to the UK for the homage to the Seed project I started in February last year . I've mentioned this trip on various blog posts since it looked like becoming a possible reality. 

At the Abaf or Australian Business Arts Foundation's AUSTRALIA CULTURAL FUND page you can read all about the project fund which I launched a week ago. The departure date is 28th of September with the  6 weeks to be spent in the UK.

If you visit this Australia Cultural Fund site you can read more fully about the project and residency I'll undertake in the UK.

Part of my news is that I have had some timely and very significant support come to me from
my community. 

I had the great good fortune to get to know my local Artisan baker Richard Cotton and his delightful wife Caroline when I first spotted their bakery-cafe 3 years ago not far from where I live. Brewbakers, on Sandgate Rd, Albion
recently become a most significant Donor through the Australian Cultural Fund in support of this Reasearch trip in October November.

They constantly get wonderful write ups... the most recent I found was in the Weekend Australian Magazine in May.  I have a number of times mentioned them on my visual arts blog ... in no small 
part for the quality of what they offer but also for the hub that it is ...  and for many!

Many a grand idea has been hatched from a table in this cafe..  people meet here who come to play a greater role in one's life.... you discover something you really needed to know. Thats a god cafe as far as I am concerned. 

Here are images from a recent visit on a busy morning! 

What a wonderful place... when I discovered it a few years ago I had no idea that this place and the dedicated people behind it would play such an amazing role in my community life and now in serious  art career pursuits.

I have long wanted to create a story about this venture... 

Its been a source of inspiration for a number of reasons ...for me its the most lively (and delicious) example of a sustainable business that does far more than put a loaf of good quality bread on the table. Its does that superbly.. but over my morning coffees these past few years I watched the quality of interactions, and noted the way Richard would respond to customer queries about the bread... the fact he and all who work their can proudly list their ingredients and tell you of some engaging process in the making of the bread.

For now I must simply say what a great privilege it is to have been selected by this much-loved artisanal business to be the recipient of this level of great and generous support for my next endeavours.
Huge thanks Caroline, Richard, and of course Phoebe!!!

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