Sunday, January 1, 2012

a fresh start... a new year

Happy New Year everyone!

Ive not had my camera out of its case much in the last month... first it was the catch up on all kinds of tasks after a huge year and OS travel... then it was writing the E-newsletter. After all that it was the need to get stuck into the paints in the studio again.

I have so many photos from the trip Ive not I might work on that  next. It was fun creating a new header for this blog a few days ago. The image is from the greenhouse at the Millennium Seedbank.

I turned my attention to creating a new header for this blog (below)... not sure how long this one will last here... but the good thing about the casual nature of thus studio archive blog is that it is a place where I am happy to plant around. Its not a website... theres no formality here. I like that I can try things out and write down odd thoughts....much like one does in a journal!

The image below was on the header till recently ... this is where I was mid-year!

And before that was this header... the residency year.... seeds everywhere...and the oval paintings!

This one below reflects 2009.... its actually a painting turned on its side that I did with collaged fabric. I remember enjoying the colours in this was called "coastal reverie" and does capture the moods for me of this region at the coast.

Well.... lets see what 2012 brings ... may your year be filled with enriching journeys of whatever kind you find yourself taking! 

I wrote about my trip to St Ives in Cornwall in October at this blog... and the lovely Carolyn, the blogger I introduced in that post, wrote a little also about that visit here in her wonderful blog. 

Carolyn Saxby has a thing for colour that many admire... this reflects her way of working. She walks daily if possible in her wonderful hometown of St Ives in Cornwall ... collecting things as she goes... perhaps making a drawing ... definitely takes shots... and later she works at bringing the colours to life!

Thanks Carolyn for sharing your wonderful stories and showing me around. My visit  to St Ives was brief but the memories are long!

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